Sunday, November 20, 2011

Are YOU ready for Dow 7,000?

It may be shocking to hear us say that the Dow Jones Industrial Average is headed for 7,000 ...
But, yes, we firmly believe that we’re going to see the broad U.S. stock market fall another 35% from here ... AT LEAST!
Just look at what's happened recently...
• The Federal Reserve warned of "significant downside risks to the economic outlook" and the International Monetary Fund said "the global economy is in a dangerous new phase."
• Bond yields in Italy, Spain, and France are exploding higher – indicating that the world’s smartest investors expect an outright catastrophe overseas.
• And all the while, countries like Germany and China are effectively saying they will NOT support bailouts of all these faltering nations!
In response, the U.S. stock market has started plunging anew andthe major averages are sitting at critical levels, with a potential crash coming at any time!

And Here's the Critical Difference
Between the Last Crash and This One ...
As usual, the bureaucrats are frantically running around Washington D.C., scrambling for the 5,672nd "solution" to the sovereign debt crisis.
The phones are ringing off the hook in Frankfurt ... in London ... in Zurich ... and all over Asia ... as bankers try desperately to stem the flood of sell orders swamping their offices.
The members of the Federal Reserve board and its district banks are ripping their hair out, trying to figure out why yet ANOTHER one of their attempts to restart the U.S. economy has fallen flat on its face.
In short, unlike the last crisis, there is nothing more policymakers can do this time around.
The course of market and economic history has already been charted. We're heading back into recession, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average has a date with 7,000.
Remember, last time around the Dow plunged as low as 6,470. The S&P 500 slumped to 667. And the Nasdaq Composite sank to 1,266.
So to us, the question isn't: "How could the Dow possibly plunge to 7,000?" It's: "How could the Dow NOT fall that far?" If anything, 7,000 could be a generous target!
Now, Here's the Good News ...
You don't have to sit idly by and let that kind of decline destroy your wealth, just like it did to so many portfolios during the first phase of this great bear market.
Instead, you can take several steps to protect your portfolio, and even PROFIT from a further decline!
That's precisely what many of our readers who are following our recommendations should already be doing!
We told them to sell virtually all of their stock positions near the year's highs, then positioned them in specialized investments that rise in value when select stocks, commodities, and bonds fall.
Readers who followed those recommendations were watching the profits pile up, including:
An 18.5% open gain from an investment that capitalizes on falling metals prices ...
A 23.8% open gain on an anti-stock market play that we first recommended in July ...
Plus, FIVE MORE additional open positions up anywhere from 1.1% to 13.7% and well positioned to rise even further as everything from real estate to the euro continues crashing!
Obviously, not everything we recommend makes money ... and none of these gains are guaranteed. But we have to say that we were absolutely ready for what’s been happening as Europe comes unglued ... and we firmly believe we are going to rack up even more profits in the coming weeks and months.
And there's absolutely no reason you can't be right there with us — smiling as the markets continue falling ... knowing full well that YOUR portfolio is protected against the world's problems ... and potentially even INCREASING in value with every passing day.
In fact, if we’re right, and the Dow plunges 5,000 more points from here — dragging all kinds of indices and assets to their bear market lows — your profit potential will be HUGE!
All you have to do is watch our latest video right now — it will show you precisely what steps to take immediately, along with details on the specific investments we’re recommending.
Viewing it is absolutely FREE, and it could very well make the difference between a cracked nest egg or one that is well-protected, and even increasing in value, as the Dow heads toward 7,000.
Just click here and our video will begin playing automatically.
Best wishes,
Weiss Research, Inc.
P.S. Again, there's no telling if we'll see the exact same kind of market meltdown that we saw in the first phase of this worldwide crisis. But if we do, wouldn't you want to be protected? Wouldn't you want to profit from it? Doesn't it make sense to take SOME kind of action ... before it's too late?
We think so. Just click here now to learn what to do immediately.

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